Me with Matthem Smith

Me with Matthew Smith, Writer of Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy 1 & 2

Hi – I’m Phil, I’ve been into computers since my Dad bought a Commodore Vic-20 way back in 1980. I would spend many hours in my bedroom playing games for the Vic, which lead to the C64 and then the Amiga.

Although these days I spend most of my gaming time on the Xbox or on a PC, it is still fun to look back at the old games which started it all, even if it is for a bit of nostalgia.

Make no mistake though, even 20-30 years on, these games a still rock hard to play, and are still enjoyable also. Lately, many of them have been given a new lease of life thanks to mobile devices like the iPhone and Android based phones.

Feel free to leave comments on my posts, or even make requests on anything you want covered.

Phil (editor..ha, like there’s a massive team of writers working for me lol) Miremare Miremare2

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