Cuthbert in the Jungle (to rip some other games off no doubt lol)

Cuthbert in the Jungle was certainly an interesting one, written by Microdeal, a UK based software house in St Austell Cornwall. Considering this was 1984, I can remember being pretty impressed with the music, graphics and…ahem…original game-play. I wasn’t so sure though about its claim of “no two screens alike”…uh, really????

It was only when I saw a game called Pitfall around the same time, that I started to have suspicions. I then also noticed another game by Microdeal called Cuthbert in Space…which had an uncanny resemblance to Jetpac on the Speccy. Long story short, it seems they made their living by mostly ripping off other games.

What made me laugh the most was when I read a press release at the time saying they were going to stop writing for the C64 and concentrate on the Dragon 32…because the Commode was rubbish ha ha Well, compare the two versions below and I’ll let you decide which is best!


DRAGON 32 VERSION (that’s not me in the video btw)

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